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Galloping Goose

Ririe, Idaho Ranch


The Lish Family


Long before Galloping Goose came to be, Judy's lifelong love of sewing began. Since she was a young girl, she has always been known for her creativity and craftiness and was always making quilts, quilt blocks and sewing clothing for herself and her family.

Judy Lish began Galloping Goose Enterprises over 25 years ago from a desire to turn her passion into a business. Judy was plenty busy, already raising her seven children while her husband, Bud - an avid horseman - was away at rodeos, training and teaching. It was also something she could do from her remote ranch in Idaho. It was a great balance between ranch-life and business, using the both as a teaching tool for her children. They each had a part in the company and on the ranch and learned the value of hard work.

She has always enjoyed using her talents to create unique gifts for those around her. This creativity is now something her grandchildren enjoy as every year she creates cherished gifts for all 13 of them!

What was once just a hobby for Judy has turned into a successful business - one that excels in helping others promote their companies, teams and passions.



Baurdan machines

We use the most current technology for our embroidery. Baurdan embroidery machines are convenient to use, perform with high-speed, and produce high quality embroidery. This machine has many uses, meeting our many customer needs. 

Stitch Count


Stitch count matters

Stitch count is what matters in embroidery. The more stitches and their tightness is imperative to creating a lasting design. We are able to produce stitch lengths on a binary Scale: 0. 1-12.7mm and a ternary Scale: 0. 1-12.1mm. This ensures a nice, tight and lasting product. 

Custom Design

See our many designs

We have many designs that we have created over the years and of course, we can also digitize your custom logo, team, brand or group. 

These adorable giraffes are drawn by my daughter, Marianne Jardine. See more of her designs.

Galloping Goose has supplied us with apparel to advertise our business for years. Their designs are original, durable and most importantly, give our business the recognition we need.
— Mark Ipsen, Ipsen Cattle Company